Who we are?
  • SINTO is a specialized manufacturer of high-quality lubricants for the automobile, the heavy equipment and the industrial applications sector.
How long as SINTO been in operation?
  • SINTO was founded in 1991.
Is SINTO producing its own products or you're just distributing products for an American company?
  • SINTO develops and manufactures its own products.
Where can I purchase SINTO products?
  • You can get SINTO'S products by clicking on the CONTACT and FIND YOUR EXPERT tab of our website.
How can someone becomes a SINTO'S distributor?
  • Quite simply by sending us an email or dialing 1-800-463-0025.
Who uses SINTO'S products?
  • Any person or company who cares about the value, maintenance, protection and performance of their vehicles and/or equipment uses our products.
What is the difference between an oil treatment and an antifriction additive from SINTO?
  • An oil treatment, as its name implies, treats the oil, changes its viscosity (which is not recommended) and modifies the oil lubricating properties. Our antifriction products do not affect the oil viscosity, but it is a treatment that lessens the friction between metal parts.
Is it profitable to use SINTO products?
  • It certainly is! Whether for fuel or energy economy, reducing maintenance time, lowering equipment costs or even just lengthening their life.
Could I affect my motor warranty or equipment if I use SINTO'S antifriction products as directed?
  • At no time would your warranty be affected, because our antifriction products do not change the viscosity of the oil or the manufacturers recommendations in regards to the quality of oils.
Can I use an antifriction additive if I use synthetic oil?
  • SINTO’S antifriction are compatible with the majority of synthetic oils. For further information, please contact our customer service.
Why use SINTO products instead of another brand?
  • SINTO manufactures first quality products and constantly innovates to be at the state-of-the-art technology.
Must an antifriction product be use at every oil changes?
  • No! However it is recommended to use it at every oil changes to ensure maximum protection throughout the life span of the engine or of your equipment.
Would I extend the time between oil changes if I used a SINTO'S antifriction additive?
  • Yes, but we do not recommend extending the time between oil changes as they are needed to remove contaminates in suspension.
Do SINTO products contain Teflon?
  • SINTO'S products are free from Teflon.
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