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Synthetic gear oil

Syntop 80W90 is a heavy-duty synthetic gear oil, specifically formulated for heavy mobile and industrial equipments. Its superior thermal durability protects gears from wear and fatigue at high temperature when equipments are used under severe operating conditions. Provides long-lasting wear protection, to extend equipment life and reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

  • High attraction to metal
  • Displaces water for easy drainage
  • Resistant to high temperatures

The high attraction to metal of the Syntop provides immediate protection of the gears upon start-up and prevents dry-start excessive wear. This high performance formula also displaces water for easy drainage, controls foaming, prevents seals from leaking and offers an excellent rust and corrosion protection.


  • High durability
  • Prevents seals from leaking
  • Controls foaming
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection


  • Heavy Equipment
  • Excavation
  • Industrial
  • Transport
  • Cities

Formats available

  • 1 L  (33.8 US oz)
  • 20 L  (5.3 US gal)
  • 55 L  (14.5 US gal)
  • 205 L  (54.2 US gal)

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