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Added to oil, it restores seals

Loss of oil in mobile equipments are common and are often caused by gaskets simply dried up. The SINTO's seal restorer conditions seals and restores their flexibility to prevent oil leaks and extends seal life. Can be used in all kinds of oil, it excels for both preventive and curative applications.

  • Prevents leaking from external and internal seals
  • Dissolves varnish on seals and internal parts
  • Reduces maintenance costs

Compatible with most elastomers. Used in engine oil, transmissions, power steering, hydraulic systems and compressors. 


  • Contributes to protect environment
  • Highly-effective on automatic transmissions


Any equipment with one or more rubber seals.

Formats available

  • 350 ml  (11.8 US oz)
  • 4L  (1.06 US gal)