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Industrial and mobile equipments performance grease

The RG Premium grease is recommended for any application where the load resistance and impact resistance is essential. Thanks to its exceptional mechanical stability, it stays in place and does not drip.

  • Highly adherent
  • Can be used in high temperature
  • Superior resistance

It does not contain heavy metals or other additives harmful to health or environmentally undesirable.


  • Considerably reduces friction and wear
  • Reduces maintenance costs and grease consumption
  • Unique resistance to water and contaminants
  • Exceptional extreme pressure (EP) performance and wear protection



  • Industrial

Formats available

  • 430 g  (15.2 US oz)
  • 17 kg  (37,4 lbs)
  • 55 kg  (121 lbs)
  • 180 kg  (396 lbs)