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Heavy equipement and gear grease

The Moly1 and Moly2 grease, by its high concentration of molybdenum, helps to reduce considerably friction and wear of metal parts. These greases strongly adhere to surfaces and offer exceptional resistance to loads, shocks and washout.

  • Compatible with most greases on the market.
  • Considerably reduces wear and friction
  • With Molybdenum

By its strength and power adhesion attributes, the Moly grease reduces grease consumption and maintenance costs. Ideal for greasing heavy equipment, fifth wheels, axes and pins, bushings, open gears, and hydraulic hammers.


  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Reduces grease consumption
  • Superior resistance to shocks and impacts


  • Heavy equipment

Formats available

  • 400 g (Grade 0)
  • 425 g (Grade 1)
  • 430 g (Grade 2)
  • 17 kg  (37,4 lbs)
  • 55 kg  (121 lbs)
  • 180 kg  (396 lbs)