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S-2000 Rustproofing

Polymeric Rustproofing

The unique formula of oils and new generations of additives of the SINTO S-2000 literally repels water and protects the metal against water and moisture attacks. This polymeric rustproofing technology does not damage the paint, prevents against the accumulation of calcium and dirt while providing a brilliant finish to the vehicle.It is perfectly suited for new and older vehicles as well as for mobile and stationary equipment requiring a rust protection.

  • Polymeric rustproofing technology
  • Repels moisture from metal surfaces
  • Withstands heat

Its very powerful penetrating action inhibit the progression of existing rust. The black version is recommended for undercoating the vehicle and the amber one for protecting the body panels and stationary equipments.


  • Does not drip or crack
  • Does not emit any strong odor
  • Non flammable
  • Release very little fog in the air with the application


  • Used or new vehicles
  • Mobile and stationary equipment

Formats available

  • 20 L
  • 58 L
  • 205 L