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Industrial and mobile equipement grease

RG2 – RG1 – RG0 greases are designed to lubricate pins, bushings, open gears, heavy equipment, fifth wheels as well as  any other application requiring  a shock and load resistant grease combined with  excellent pumpability.

  • Considerably reduces wear and friction
  • Reduces maintenance costs and grease consumption
  • Superior adherence

Grease for the lubrication of heavy equipment, trucks and fifth wheels. It is available in different grades to ensure maximum protection in any season. Compatible with most greases on the market.


  • Exceptional resistance to water and contaminants
  • Excellent thermal stability    
  • Superior protection against rust and corrosion


  • Mining
  • Saw mills
  • Wood kilns
  • Cement plants and quarries
  • Construction and excavation
  • Wood harvesters equipments

Formats available

  • 430 g (Grade 1)
  • 425 g (Grade 2)
  • 400 g (Grade 3)
  • 17 kg  (37,4 lbs)
  • 55 kg  (121 lbs)
  • 180 kg  (396 lbs)