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Fuel treatment

Formulated to prevent frost and spread water, this economic product also allows an effective clean and an improvement of the diesel fuel
lubricating properties.

  • Lubricant
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Enhances fuel economy  

At the cutting edge of technology, the product is ideal for new ULSD fuel and it's adapted for new emission control systems: EGR, DPF and SCR. Proper use meets the manufacturer's warranty.


  • Prevents freezing
  • Disperse completely water
  • Dissolves gums and varnishs
  • Lubricate


All diesel engines including:

  • Heavy machinery
  • Transport truck
  • Diesel pick-up
  • Forestry equipment
  • Mining equipement

Formats available

  • 1 L  (33.8 US oz)
  • 4 L  (1.05 US gal)
  • 20 L  (5.3 US gal)
  • 55 L  (14.5 US gal)
  • 205 L  (54.2 US gal)